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Started in the Netherlands by Hans Poortvliet in 2001, the day is now celebrated in many European countries including Norway and Belgium. After National Compliment Day was so well received in the Netherlands, the day’s founder and fellow initiators couldn’t help but wonder, why shouldn’t it be a world event? And now, every March first is World Compliment Day.


One of the beautiful things about World Compliment Day is that it doesn’t cost us anything to participate. This isn’t a commercial holiday that requires cards or specific gifts. All that is asked of us is that we reflect on what one person, or even a few people, in our local communities does well… and then sincerely let them know that they’re appreciated.


This simple act won’t solve all of the ills of the past year, and it won’t heal all of the present divides in our society, but the world could definitely use at least a day of people mindfully being appreciative of one another. We don’t know exactly what the next person on the street is currently going through in their life or what they might be struggling with, but we can be kinder to each other. A few kind words at the right moment can make all the difference to someone who is trying to cope with overwhelming circumstances beyond their control. Being kind to our fellow humans is absolutely free.


How to Celebrate?

  • Pay compliments to everyone you meet.
  • Appreciate family, coworkers, and friends for their hard work and for being there in your life.


This certainly isn’t the “magic bullet” solution to all of the world’s problems, but it’s a good place to start.


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