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National Cookie Day

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Maybe you prefer your cookies to have a crunchy touch, or maybe you prefer to bite into the soft and chewy sugar heaven. Either way, eating cookies brings us happiness and we should all do it more often. Do not tell your doctor.


Here are some ways to celebrate National Cookie Day:




Find the best cookie near you

There is a hidden bakery in your neighborhood with the best cookies you have ever had. Ask some friends and ask Yelp to find the best cookie in your forest area.


Make a new type of cookie

Many of the most famous cookies (we are looking at you, chocolate chips) were the result of happy accidents in the kitchen. Try experimenting on your next batch to see where it lands!


Have a charity bake

If you are really looking to make this National Cookie Day count, you could be ambitious and host a charity baking, donating the funds raised to your favorite charity!


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