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We all want a clean house, especially with our kids running around and sticking their hands in places they don’t belong. Sure, you clean the big stuff on a regular basis: the floors, carpet, countertops and bathrooms. But do you clean the nastiest stuff in your home? Check out this list to see just how clean you are.

1. Remote Controls

Yep, these little boogers are a breeding ground for germs. Clean as often as possible, especially if your little ones use it too.

2. Your Car’s Steering Wheel

Trust me on this. It might look clean, but take a clorox wipe to yours and you’ll be surprised how much grime comes off!

3. Pop up Sink Stoppers

Check out this quick video showing how to do it. Yours is probably full of hair and you didn’t realize it!

4. Air Conditioning & Heating Vents

Here’s a great trick. Put a knife under an old rag and scrape the dust right out!

5. Credit Cards

I admit it, I never thought about this one! But think of how much handling these little guys get, often by store clerks. And who knows about their hygiene?

6. Can Openers

When was the last time your cleaned yours? (oops, never for me)

7. Your Kid’s Legos

Think about all the little nooks and crannies just full of your children’s germs! (and the neighbor’s kids germs too)

8. The Knife Block

Eek, who knows what’s lurking down there! And to think we just shove our knives in and take them out and start chopping!

9. The Bath Mat

Just think of all the water that falls in here! These are a breeding ground for mold which then gets tracked everywhere in the house.

10. Toothbrush Holders

We forget about these little guys because we don’t see the stuff that grows within them! But water is always trickling down the brush, creating some real nasties inside.


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