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August 17th Is National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

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Ever hear of the myth if a black cat crosses your path it brings you bad luck? Well if you have don’t make this be the reason to stay away from the dark coated kitty, and if you haven’t, don’t believe it!

August 17th Is National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Black cats are just like any other cats. Don’t let their color fool you! However people today still so strongly believe in certain superstitions/myths, which make them avoid black cats at all possible costs. Sounds a bit silly but people strongly believe in some of these things!

Black cats date back to ancient history. Today they are often associated with evil just as they were back then; they even play a major role in folklore, superstition and mythology. There are many different myths from all different cultures about black cats. Some of them are very interesting! Check out this list of all the different kinds of myths that involves black cats!

  • A black cat seen from behind fortells a bad omen.
  • A black cat crossing one’s path will bring bad luck.
  • If a funeral procession encountered a black cat, it’s believed another member of the family would soon die.
  • A bride will have a happy married life if a black cat sneezes near her on her wedding day.
  • Black cats are considered human beings in disguise; they were in cat form for being punished for evil deeds.
  • Black cats are witches in disguise.
  • Having a black cat in the house would prevent fishermen from danger while at sea.
  • A black cat on your porch brings prosperity.


Although these cats have a more of a negative reputation than positive don’t judge by the color of fur. Black cats are just like any other cats! They are just as loving and caring (and we can’t forget to mention adorable). So throw all those UNLUCKY superstitions out the window!! It’s a day to celebrate how LUCKY you are to have a black cat in your life!

Let’s not judge a cat by it’s color, get past the myth, and find loving homes for black cats everywhere! ADOPT!


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