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Tips for clearing your car after a snow storm

Driving with snow and ice on your car is hazardous. Not only could it hinder visibility while driving, but it could also cause an accident. It is important to clean off your car from snow during the winter season, especially if you live in New Jersey. A new law passed in October could fine drivers up to $75 for failing to clean snow and ice off their car before hitting the road. Here are some tips for clearing off your car after a snowstorm.


  • Use a brush or ice scraper to take off snow and ice from the windshield, side mirrors headlights, wheel wells, and tailpipe. Do not force the wipers, for if they are frozen in place, you may end up damaging them or the motors.
  • Use a de-icing fluid on the windshield, if necessary. (Just remember do not store it in your car).
  • Use a clean, soft-bristled broom to remove debris off the roof. Do not use anything rougher or a shovel as that will cause scratches to the paint.
  • If the vehicle is an SUV or taller—grab a step stool to help access the roof.
  • Start the car and put on the front and rear defrosters on high while you clean off the exterior. (Do not start the car too early as you will waste gas. Also, do not idle in a closed garage).
  • Do not use hot water to remove ice from the glass—it will cause it to shatter.


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