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National Human Rights Day: History of Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is the anniversary of the day  in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The day’s popularity is perhaps best demonstrated by the commemorative stamp that was issued by the United Nations Postal Administration in 1952, which received over 200,000 advanced orders. 

The aim of the Declaration of Human Rights is to establish a common standard of living for all people across the planet that everyone is entitled to, and to in turn encourage all UN member states to strive towards the said standard of living for the people in their nation. 

Although the rights are seen as more declarative than legally binding, they are commonly acknowledged to have had an impact on how human rights are perceived and to be a force for good. 

Nowadays a different theme is selected for Human Rights Day each year. In 2014 the theme was “Every Day is Human Rights Day” and in 2016 it was “Stand up for someone’s rights today.” We should remember our human rights every day, but on December 10 we should remember them just a little bit more and embrace everyone around us as equals.



  1. Donate to your favorite Human Rights charity.

    Is there a charity championing human rights that really strikes a chord with you? Maybe today is the day to remember them and make a donation.

  2. Attend a human rights event.

    There are political conferences, meetings, exhibitions, cultural events, and debates held on this day. Why not attend one and be part of the community?

  3. Show your support for human rights.

    Show your support for human rights by posting online or getting involved in online discussions.


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